Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Prayer

Lord God, blessed be Your name. We praise You, Father, Son and Spirit. And we do this because You deserve our praise. You are God.

You are eternal. You have no beginning, and You will have no end. And while we have some sense of something lasting forever, what could it mean never to have started, to always have been?

You need nothing outside of Yourself. Everything that we know about, depends on other things. But not You. Try as we might we can't even imagine what being completely independent could look like. But that is exactly what You are.

You have already decided everything that will ever happen on into eternity. Your plan is established never to be thwarted, never even needing adjustment. How do You do that? And how do You still create space in that plan for us to make real choices?

You are the one God who is at the same time the three, Father, Son and Spirit. You are not simply one. And You are not merely three. You are the God who is three yet one, one yet three. What does that even mean?

And then, You are the God who has been so incredibly good to us, Your people. Father, You decided that we should be rescued from the mess we have gotten ourselves into by our sin. Jesus, You willingly came to make that rescue happen at such a frightful cost. Holy Spirit, You gave us the faith to believe the Gospel at our conversion, and You continue to walk with us through this life, pointing out more and more of the Gospel for us to enjoy and giving us the faith to do that. In all of this, Lord, You reveal Yourself as the God of amazing grace for us sinners.

Lord, when we try to understand You one thing becomes clear. You are beyond our comprehension. Once we are completely rid of the sin that blinds us so, once we finally arrive in the age to come, we will be able to understand some things about You so much better. We will have a greater grasp of the wonder of Your grace and we will be overwhelmed, especially as we continue to grow in our understanding of that grace. But there will be those other aspects of who You are that will remain as incomprehensible as ever. And that makes perfect sense. You are God.

And that is why we pause to praise You, Lord. You are God. We understand so little of what that means. But we understand enough to proclaim with saints throughout the ages, worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive blessing and glory and honor and power, now and forevermore. Amen.