Thursday, March 8, 2018

Comment on a Psalm

This Psalm can be split up into three sections and each has something you need to consider.

The first section is the lament. Life is not good, not at all. Israel has been invaded and conquered. Try to imagine what that would feel like. Imagine your life being completely upended because a foreign nation has conquered and now inhabits your land. And bear in mind that for Israel that included the destruction of the Temple, the sanctuary, the place of God's special presence with His people.

But the psalmist is not hopeless. There is the pivotal 'Yet…' Here, the author rehearses some of the great works of Yahweh in the past. This gives him a reason to hope.

The Psalm ends with an appeal to God to act, to defend His honor as well as His people. And in light of how He has worked surprising wonders in the past, the psalmist has good reason to request more of the same for the sake of God's people.