Thursday, March 1, 2018

Comment on a Psalm

The first thing that the psalmist does is to identify the problem. It might look like his problem is that all these others, people who are unfaithful to Yahweh, are prospering while he isn't, even though he works very hard to be faithful. But that's not the real problem. That would just be a complaint about how God is running his life. No, the problem is that he envies these other people. The problem is his sin, and he is quite clear in describing it - and himself, while sinning - as ugly.

There is a turning point, however. This is where the writer comes to see things more clearly. He is shown the end of the story, what will happen to these unfaithful people. At that point, he understands better how wisely God runs his life, and he gladly submits himself to Him.