Thursday, July 13, 2017

Comment on a Psalm

I emailed this to my congregation.

I've made it clear that I really enjoy the Psalms, so I thought that it might be good to help you to enjoy them also. The plan is for me to write something brief each week about the Psalm that we will be reading together on the coming Sunday. The goal is to help you to be able to get more out of the Psalm.

Psalm 40
This Psalm can be divided into three sections. In the first section, David comments on how Yahweh had rescued him from some plight that threatened to overcome him which resulted in his praise. In the second section, David turns to the faithful. He encourages them because of how God has cared for them, he declares his own devotion to Yahweh and he testifies to God's deliverance. The Psalm ends in a way that most would probably not have expected. David is in trouble - again - and is crying out for deliverance - again. But he does this confident that he will be cared for by Yahweh - again.

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