Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Prayer


You have made it so very clear. You are the God who reigns. You are the King who rules over all of creation. This is not a democracy. It's not even a representative republic. It's a monarchy with You on the throne.

Help us, Father, to grasp that. Existence here is not about what we want. It's not about fulfilling our desires. It's not about our choices. It's not about us. It's about You. It's about Your choices, Your desires and what You want. Help us to grasp this, Father.

It's hard for us to get this because we've been lied to. From day one, and in so many different ways, we have been told that our lives are about us. We are to be the focus of what we do. And that’s just another of Satan's lies. Help us to see the truth more clearly so that we can live as Your creatures in Your creation.

And then, as Your Spirit drives this home to us, help us to see how important we are to You. Yes, You are the King. Yes, You rule. And You do that with a view to accomplishing the things that You think are important. But You are not a cold tyrant. We are not worthless peasants in Your sight. We are people who are important to You.

That's why Jesus came. He came to rescue us from the sinful mess that we had fallen into. He came to restore us to our original dignity. He came because we are important to You.

Help us, Father, to grasp both of these truths. Crush our pride so that it is clear to us that You are God, the King who rules, and not us. Free us from Satan's demeaning lies so that we will know, down to our bones, that we are important to You.

We have a ways to go when it comes to both of these truths. But we know that Your Spirit is busy changing us. And so, Father, we are optimistic about the future. We're going to be able to get these things - really get them - better and better. And that's going to show in how we live - Your creatures in Your creation.

The day will come when the lessons will be over. We are going to be able to fully grasp both truths and live beautiful lives in a new heavens and a new earth to Your glory. And that will be so good.

However, we are still here, and we have much to learn about these things. So, teach us, Father, by the preaching of Your word. Through Christ our Lord Amen.

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