Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Prayer

We thank You, Father, for the Gospel, for its power, for its beauty, for how it gives us hope.

And at the heart of Your Gospel is this simple and yet oh so profound fact: Jesus is Lord. He is Lord over heaven and over earth. He rules everything. It is impossible for anyone or anything to undo His authority or to disrupt His plans.

He Is Lord!

And that means that we, His people, the sheep of His pastures - we are safe. What can harm us? What can get past Jesus’ careful watching over us? And who can get in the way of Jesus’ plan to fully rescue us and place us in a new heavens and a new earth where there will be no sorrow and no tears? The day will surely come when we will find ourselves in an Eden that will be so much better than that first Eden. And we will walk in the cool of the day with You. We are going to make it. Jesus guarantees it. And His guarantee is certain. He is Lord.

There are times, though, Father, when we doubt all of this. Life gets hard. Problems descend. Doubts rise. And we struggle so, wondering what’s going on. But this happens only because we listen to the evil one. We give credence to our doubts. We forget Jesus’ guarantee.

And so, our joy fades, and our zeal flags.

But why? Who can undo His promise? Who can thwart Him in His plan to bless us with amazing good in the age to come? We are going to make it. He promises. And He is able to keep this promise. He is able because He is Lord.

Help us, Father. Help us to help each other. Help us to share our doubts. Help us to encourage each other and to appeal to You on behalf of those who struggle. We ask that Your Spirit would bolster our faith so that the blessings that we doubt would become blessings that we are sure of.

Thank You, Father, that we can come to You with needs like this. We are so grateful that You are that kind of father as we pray through Christ our Lord Amen.
Matthew 28.18

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