Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Prayer


The longer we live the clearer it gets. Nothing stays the same. We see the changes all around us. We've rejoiced at the births and mourned the deaths. We've endured times of need and exulted in times of plenty. And the changes aren't just out there. We have changed also. Some of that change has been good - our growing and maturing. But some of it has not been so good, weaker bodies, faltering minds. There have been some important victories. But they are always replaced by new challenges. Change.

But we also know something else that has gotten clearer. You don't change. You've been the same since forever. And while that might sound boring to some, it really isn't. You are the same God of love, the same God of justice, the same God of wisdom. And You've been the same in those things and more as Father, Son and Spirit. You never change.

We are so grateful that You have taught us this basic fact about You. And we are grateful to know that because it means that we can depend on You. You aren't like so many that we've met. You aren't like us in our weaker moments. When You make a promise there is no way that You won't keep it. And that makes our lives livable.

With all that is so changeable it is a great comfort to know that that word does not apply to You. You are the same, yesterday, today and forever. You are the same for us.

We have to be honest, Father. There are too many times when we doubt this. Too many times when we doubt Your love, Your justice, Your wisdom. And that's when we get stressed. Instead of depending on You, our unchanging God, we try to depend on ourselves. How silly. We ask, Father, that You would forgive us such foolishness. Forgive us and change us.

It is good to know that there is a kind of changeableness that applies to us, a good changeableness. You can change us. You can change us into people who are better than what we once were. You've done some of that already. We’re asking that You would do that some more. Change us so that we will do better at knowing without any doubt that You never change. You will always be our faithful God. And for that we are so very grateful. Amen.