Friday, January 4, 2019

Scripture to Meditate On

I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your rules before me. 
Psalm 119.30

One thing to note here is that our psalmist friend has made a choice. He has chosen 'the way of faithfulness'. This is not some chance event that just sort of happens. It is something that is chosen. And, as you know, this is something that has to be chosen over and over. There are forces arrayed against every Christian to try to dissuade or at least to distract from this choice. Those who live the way of faithfulness choose that way on a daily basis.

The other thing to notice is the word 'rule'. I think that we have developed an attitude about this word. Rules are stifling, rigid things that we are to stay as far from as possible. Rules destroy relationships! And yet, here is a Godly saint who has decided to understand and follow rules, God's rules. And he does this in the hope of a thriving relationship and that not just with the Father but also with those around him. Doing this sort of thing is how one lives out the way of faithfulness.