Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Prayer


The more we get to know You, the more we discover wonders that amaze. There is so much more to who You are that we have no clue about. But we know that, by the ministry of Your Spirit in our lives, that will change. We will get to know You better and better, and that even throughout eternity. That is something we look forward to.

Father, You have been quite clear about how precious we are to You. Through Your prophet, You have said that You rejoice over us with gladness. You quiet us by Your love. You exult over us with loud singing. Father, You are God, and we are mere creatures. And yet, You get emotional over us. And You look forward to the day when all Your saints will be gathered in the new heavens and the new earth for You to thoroughly enjoy.

Father, if we take this seriously, it really is a bit much to take in. So much of this life tells us that we are really quite insignificant. The things that we do don't really make a dent. It might be different if we were some political hot shot or a billionaire owner of some internet-related company. But that's not us. And so, while the world around us lets us live what it considers our unimportant lives, You tell a very different story.

So, Father, if this is part of the Gospel - and it is - then we need to believe it. And we want to believe it. So, we look to You. Grant us the grace that we need to believe something else that will look impossible to so many of the people around us. We make You glad. We are the inheritance that You are eagerly waiting to enjoy. You rejoice over us. Father, help us believe this all the time, but especially the times when the world's story is making too much sense. Make us to see any unbelief when it comes to this truth of the Gospel and to repent of it. We ask this so that we will live in a way that is so very different from the rest of humanity. And we ask this through Jesus who has made it possible. Amen.