Friday, May 4, 2018

Comment on a Hymn

'Let Us Love, and Sing, and Wonder'

The title of this hymn tells it all. It's a call to love, sing and wonder. And our author gave a stanza to each of those three. The call to love is the focus of the second stanza, singing the third, and wonder the fourth. I'd like to mention some things about wonder.

When the hymn writer calls us to wonder, he is calling us to be amazed. He wants us to consider what our God has done. It's when we pause to do that that we find ourselves amazed. We could ponder creation and come away amazed at the grandeur of it all. But our author points us to something else. He points us to aspects of the Gospel. So, he tells us, 'Think about what God's justice requires of sinners like us. Consider what it would take for any of us to satisfy those requirements. Then, take a look at what Christ's blood has done.' Wonder.

Take some time to be amazed by considering some aspect of the Gospel of the grace of God for us sinners.

Let us love and sing and wonder,
Let us praise the Savior’s name!
He has hushed the law’s loud thunder,
He has quenched Mount Sinai’s flame.
He has washed us with His blood,
He has brought us nigh to God.

Let us love the Lord who bought us,
Pitied us when enemies,
Called us by His grace, and taught us,
Gave us ears and gave us eyes:
He has washed us with His blood,
He presents our souls to God.

Let us sing, though fierce temptation
Threaten hard to bear us down!
For the Lord, our strong salvation,
Holds in view the conqueror’s crown:
He who washed us with His blood
Soon will bring us home to God.

Let us wonder, grace and justice
Join and point to mercy’s store;
When through grace in Christ our trust is,
Justice smiles and asks no more:
He who washed us with His blood
Has secured our way to God.

Let us praise, and join the chorus
Of the saints enthroned on high;
Here they trusted Him before us,
Now their praises fill the sky:
Thou hast washed us with Your blood;
Thou art worthy, Lamb of God!