Thursday, February 22, 2018

Comment on a Hymn

My Heart Doth Overflow    

This hymn is a rendition of Psalm 45. And the themes that you'll find in it are familiar ones of praise. The King, who is the subject of this Psalm/hymn, is praised for his beauty, grace, strength and majesty. And how fitting when we consider that the King being prophesied here is Jesus.

There is one more theme that bears noting: conquest and rule of the nations. It is important to remember that Jesus has not come just to snatch up a few here and there to take them to heaven. He has come to conquer the nations and rule them by the Gospel. We have a role to play in His plan.

My heart doth overflow,
A goodly theme is mine;
My eager tongue with joyful song
Doth praise the King divine.
Supremely fair Thou art,
Thy lips with grace o’erflow;
His richest blessing evermore
Doth God on Thee bestow.

Now gird Thee with Thy sword,
O strong and mighty One;
In splendid majesty arrayed,
More glorious than the sun.
Triumphantly ride forth
For meekness, truth and right;
Thine arm shall gain the victory
In wondrous deeds of might.

Thy strength shall overcome
All those that hate the King,
And under Thy dominion strong
The nations Thou shalt bring.
Thy royal throne, O God,
Forevermore shall stand;
Eternal truth and justice wield
The scepter in Thy hand.

Since Thou art sinless found,
The Lord, Thy God, confessed,
Anointeth Thee with perfect joy,
Thou art supremely blessed.
Thy garments breathe of myrrh
And spices sweet and rare;
Glad strains of heav’nly music ring
Throughout Thy palace fair.