Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Prayer

Father, by Your apostle You have told us to try to discern what is pleasing to You. Frankly, Father, sometimes we find that really hard to do. We find ourselves in situations where we have lots of options, lots of possibilities to choose from, from which we must choose one. And it needs to be the one that You want us to choose. Oh, there are those times when any choice will be fine with You. But there are still lots of times when there really is only one right choice.

It’s times like those that we feel the pressure. We wonder, ‘What is it that You want me to do?’ We aren’t at all sure. We feel the pressure.

But it’s good to know that You are a very patient Father. You really do understand our weakness. You know our frame. You remember that we are but dust.  And so, what You look for when we are in those situations isn’t our arriving at the right answer. What You’re looking for is the right attitude, a heart that wants to find the right answer. And when You see that in us, if we arrive at the wrong answer it’s okay with You. In fact, You’re pleased with us even though we get it wrong. You can see that we’re trying to discern what is pleasing to You. You really are a very patient and understanding Father. And knowing that is so helpful.

And while it really is a great comfort for us to know this about You, we really do want to find the right answer. It just seems a good way to respond to Your patient understanding. And so, Father, we ask that You would teach us more about who You are and what You intend for our lives and what resources You have provided for us. Teach us Father so that we will arrive at the right answer more of the time than that happens now. Teach us so that we can express our love to You in those situations.

We look forward to the day when we won’t have to try so hard to get to the right answer. Most of the time we’ll just know. Sin, which is the problem in all of this, will be gone. But if there would be a situation where we don’t just know, we can simply ask You and hear Your response. And that will be so very good.

In the meantime, Father, help us to keep working at this but without stressing over it. Remind us that You are a very patient and understanding Father. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.