Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Prayer

Father, we know that You are three and yet one. You are Father Son and Spirit who are one God. We know something of what it means for You to be a Father to us. And we understand that Jesus is the Son who has come in the flesh to die and rise again for our sakes. But we are not nearly so clear when it comes to the Spirit. After all, Father, what exactly is a spirit anyway?

There are some things that we do know about Him. We know that He inspired the Scriptures. We know that He came upon the Church on Pentecost to empower her for mission. We have some idea of what those things are about. It's just that we're not so clear when it comes to what He does with us.

The Scriptures teach us that the Spirit indwells us. He pours Your love into our hearts. He washes us clean by the waters of baptism and feeds our souls using the bread and the wine of the Supper. And we know that He is always with us. These are glorious truths, truths that we'd like to understand better.

So, we look to You, Father. By Your Spirit, teach us more about this aspect of the Gospel of Jesus: the Spirit walks through life with us. Teach us about what it means that He applies the glories of the Gospel to our souls. Teach us what the Bible is getting at when it teaches that He is the Spirit of power. Teach us, Father.

We ask for this because it seems that if we understood Your Spirit better we could do a better job of working with Him for the advance of the Gospel in our own lives and throughout this world.

Father, we know that You are hearing this, our prayer. And we are quite sure that it is a prayer that You like. So, we look forward to how You will grant our requests. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.