Thursday, August 3, 2017

Comment on a Psalm

Psalm 43

Psalm 43 is much like Psalm 42. See verse 5. (There are some who think that they are actually one Psalm.) But here is one large difference. The psalmist asks God for vindication when it comes to those who are oppressing him.

The Hebrew word translated 'vindicate' is literally 'judge'. 'Vindicate' brings out the point that our writer is making. He wants God to evaluate his life, to judge him. He is confident that if God were to do that, He would find that our friend is blameless when it comes to the conflict that he is having with those who are against him. And because that will be the case, the psalmist calls God to care for him, 'defend my cause'.

All of this reminds us of another aspect of our prayers, another way that we can call upon our God. We can call upon Him to vindicate us.

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