Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Prayer


We live in a universe that continually proclaims Your wonders. And that makes sense because this is Your creation, something that continually reveals its Creator.

Every morning, the sun rises. And every evening it sets. 

The stars maintain their patterns in our sky. As a result, navigators on a sailing ship or an international space station can know where they are and where they are going.

Babies are conceived in the hidden darkness of a womb, the mysterious joining of a bit of a man and a bit of a woman, being prepared to emerge at the right time as a completely new person.

And wild animals somehow know how to find food and continue another generation and protect their young - all without any teacher.

Father, we are surrounded by the wonders of creation, Your wonders. And they all reveal something about who You are and what You are about.

You are the great God, and You do great things. You have created this universe with all its wonders.

In Your kindness, You have granted us dominion over this creation. You have given us the authority to oversee it and to develop it so that the potential that You built into it would come to fruition, a fruition that would result in more wonder at how You have created.

But, Father, though we are surrounded by the amazing things of this creation of Yours, too often we don't get it. We don't see what's there right in front of us. We don't notice the wonders of what You have done. And because of that, we are failing to be amazed at You.

So, Father, we ask that You would give us eyes to see these things, to see how You have revealed Yourself in Your creation. We ask that You would give us minds that will take the time to consider what we see and to understand the revelation contained in it. And we ask for hearts that will respond with praise to You for what we discover. For You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power for all that You have created.

Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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