Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Prayer

Lord Jesus,

We come to You this morning simply to say, 'Thank You'. And we want to say that because You are our Savior. You are the one who emptied Himself so that You could come and rescue us from the mess that we created for ourselves. You are the one who suffered the justice due our sins, justice that we should suffer. You are the one who endured the holy rage of the Father vented at our sins so that we never will.

Jesus, in our saner moments, we know that there was no good reason for You to have done this. We know that You are all about love and that You desire to give Yourself to others because of that love. But we also know that You are all about holiness, the holiness that abhors sin, that destroys sin and everything associated with it. You should have abhorred us. You should have destroyed us. But You didn't. You decided to love us. And that love brought about that emptying, that incarnation. And it brought about the Cross. Will we ever really grasp what was going on there? Will we ever understand what it meant for God to rage against God? I doubt it. But I think that we can at least get some sense of the love that made it happen.

There is no way that we can repay You for what You did. That's just impossible. And it's also insulting to try. It's not a gift if the person receiving the gift pays the giver for it. But what You have done for us does call for a response. It calls us to respond to You as Lord. That, after all, was the point of Your being our Savior, to reconcile us to You so that we can live in the way that You originally intended when You created all of this. You are God, and we are Your creatures. We are to submit to You in all things. You are to be our Lord. And becoming our Savior makes that possible.

Submitting to You as Lord makes sense. But we find that actually doing it is hard. Our habits of independence, of rebellion, go deep. Forgive us this insult. And please change us. Life for us is meant to be lived as submissive creatures. We want to be like that - at least in our better moments we do. Please continue to save us from our sin, from the power of our sin, so that we can submit to You as Lord.

We ask for this because it is good and right. It's what we're supposed to do. But we also ask for this because we want to respond to Your love with a love of our own. 

We look forward to seeing You do more of Your good work in our lives. And we thank You for it ahead of time. Amen.

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