Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Prayer


We thank You that You have created us. But we don't thank You simply that You've created us, but also for how You have created us. We are not merely spirits like the angels. We also have bodies. And we thank You that You have made us in this way.

We thank You that we have bodies that can savor a good meal. We thank You that we have bodies that can enjoy a kiss. We thank You that we have bodies that can relish a hug. We thank You that we have bodies that can delight in a gentle touch. We are in Your debt for so much, and we do give thanks for those many things. It's just that we often forget to give You thanks for the gift of our bodies. There are ways that we are able to enjoy Your creation simply because we have bodies.

But just as our spirits have been cursed because of Adam's first sin, likewise our bodies. As a result, our bodies fail us. At different times and in different ways our bodies falter. They don't work the way You intended at creation. Sometimes, it's something pretty small. We catch a cold that passes quickly enough. But sometimes it's a bit more serious as when the cold lingers and becomes pneumonia. And then, there are times when it's something much more serious. Sometimes we give fancy names to these failings: multiple sclerosis, HIV, encephalitis. But fancy name or not, there are those times when our bodies fail big time.

But even for the healthiest of us, Father, the day will come when our bodies will completely fail. We are going to die. And at that point our bodies will no longer function at all. This is Adam's curse come to its final goal, and our bodies will return to dust.

But we know, Father, that this isn't the end of the story. This isn't some great fear we are to try to run from. No, Jesus has rescued from all of that. And we are so grateful to You that He has. The time will come when we will be freed from these weak and frail bodies. We will be freed so that we will be able to enjoy a different kind of body, one that will not be weak or frail. We will be rid of these temporary bodies so that we can be given permanent bodies, bodies that will never fail. It is in these new bodies, these new gifts from You, that we will be able to enjoy forever. And once again we will savor a good meal, enjoy kiss, relish a hug and a delight in a gentle touch.

Thank You, Father, for the blessings of our bodies that we enjoy now and especially the blessings of the body that we will enjoy later. Through Christ our Lord Amen.

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