Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Prayer


Today is Palm Sunday. Today, we remember one of the key moments of Jesus' life here. Today, we remember how He rode into Zion to be seated on a throne, a throne forfeited by Adam and stolen by Satan. Jesus came to re-establish rightful human dominion over heaven and earth. Today, in particular, we remember the day.

But Jesus claimed that throne in a way that no one expected. The cheering crowds, the Twelve, even Jesus’ enemies should have understood what was going to happen. But they didn't. They missed it completely. But, we need to admit, Father, that, if we had been there, we would have been just as clueless. Jesus came to ascend to His throne by ascending a Cross. Jesus came to live as ruler by dying as a criminal. It makes no sense. But in this way, He conquered the usurper and all those who follow him. He vanquished Satan.

And so, because of what He did that day, Jesus is Lord. He rules heaven and earth. And the day is coming when He will welcome us to join Him in that rule. We really look forward to that, Father.

And yet, we know that Satan and those with him have not given up. Satan has been cast out, but he still fights. And while he cannot touch Jesus, he certainly can touch us.

So, Father, we ask that You would help us to understand this part of reality. We are in the middle of a great conflict. We live on a battlefield. Our ancient foe is furious and has come to make war on all who keep Your commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus. Help us to see this clearly and to include it in our expectations of daily life.

But help us to see all of this in the context of this one glorious fact: Jesus is Lord.

Satan may hate us and work hard to do us harm. But as long as we cling to Jesus he cannot conquer us. He cannot.

So, Father, we thank You for Jesus. We thank You that our Savior rules and that He rules with His eye on us. We thank You that He is making sure that we will make it and that one day we will rule with Him. Help us to embrace these truths, this part of reality, so that we might live and fight well, as faithful disciples of our Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom we pray, Amen.

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