Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Prayer

We all have issues to deal with. And at times it all gets to be a bit much. And while we won't say it, or even think it, what our feelings sometimes ask is: 'Do You know what You're doing?'

There are times when we look at our world, we look at ourselves, and we become confused and more than a little scared. And the question sits out there. 'Do You know what You're doing?'

It feels wrong to voice that, Father. We know what we're supposed to say and think. But sometimes that's so hard. Sometimes it's easier to wonder about the answer to that question.

So, Father, in the midst of our doubts and struggles, we do the only thing that makes sense. We look to You. You have told us that You are our Father, a Father who loves us more than what we can understand. We do believe that, but the question still looms. The confusion sometimes overwhelms. And we get a little afraid. So, help us, Father. We want to trust You. Help us to do that.

Make Your truth clear to us. Take those things that our minds have accepted and make our hearts fully embrace them. You are the God who controls every aspect of this universe. And You do that with Your eye on us. We know that. Help us to believe it when life gets hard.

We ask for this, Father, so that we can fulfill our calling as Your children. We are here to make You look as good as You actually are. And You really are very good. Help us to believe You, help us to trust You, so that we can live in such a way to complete our task.

We thank You, Father, that You're listening to this. Your ear is always open to our cry. How comforting. So, we thank You that You are going to respond to this. You're going to bless us with the change that we are asking for. We are going to be able to do better at believing the truth about You, even in the hard spots. We are grateful for that because we know that we live in a world that really needs to get to know You, to get to know You as the really good God that You are. And in time, as our world does get to know You, we will be comforted with the knowledge that our responding to our suffering in faith was worth it. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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