Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Prayer


We are so grateful for the Gospel. There are such treasures included in it, treasures for us to enjoy.

We thank You that one of those treasures is about our very bright future. Jesus has promised us renewed bodies that will live in a renewed creation. And the things that we struggle with now will all be gone.

For more and more of us, there are things that we could do in our past without a second thought that we can no longer do at all. We find ourselves increasingly dependent on medication for this or that ailment. We don’t have the energy that we once did. Our bodies are wearing out. This is where some of us older folk are, and this is where our younger members will one day also be.

There are things in the here and now that we can enjoy. And we are grateful for that. But living in this world has so many difficulties, frustrations, dangers. There are too many times when we don’t even get along with the people whom we love and who really do love us.

But how good to know that once Jesus comes back, it will be entirely different.

Then, we all will have bodies that will work perfectly, always. They will never wear out.
We will be in a world that will also be perfect, like the Garden of Eden all over again, except better. Every day will be filled with sunshine. 

Everyone there will get along wonderfully; no arguments, not even any serious disagreements. Everyone there will be a friend, a good friend.
Finally, a place where love fully rules.

And we will be occupied with work that we will enjoy. It will be satisfying and rewarding. No frustrations or things to stress over.

Life then will be so good.

We thank You Father for this future that is so bright, for this gift of the Gospel that is ours because of Jesus.

Help us to embrace it and hope for it as we make our way through this life, serving Jesus, through whom we pray, Amen.

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