Tuesday, January 31, 2017

State of the Church

‘We Don’t Do Anything’

We’re once again taking a look at ourselves as a church. This time it’s about the claim, ‘But we don’t do anything’. Let’s be clear. I don’t think this is saying that we do absolutely nothing. We are obviously doing some things that every church absolutely must do. And at the top of the list is the worship of God. There are other things that we also do, but the point of that comment is that we aren’t doing some sort of ministry out in the larger community. And let’s face the facts; we aren’t.

So, is that a problem? Is some ministry out in the community something we really should be doing? After all, lots of other churches are doing ministry in the community. But does that mean that we are supposed to?

Churches, like people, are all different. And one aspect of their being different is that God has called each of them do certain things, this one to this thing and that one to that thing. So, the right question isn’t, ‘Shouldn’t we be doing what that church over there is doing?’ Rather, the right question is, ‘What has God called us to be and to do?’ And whatever that is, that’s what we need to be sure to be working at. At this point, as far as I can tell, God has not called us as a church to create and maintain some sort of community ministry. However, when He does, we’d better listen up and get busy doing it.

Next: What does God want us to be doing?

This is from a series of bulletin inserts that I wrote for my church.

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