Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Prayer


Our world is changing. And that change affects us as Your Church. Not all that long ago Your Church received a measure of respect even from those who had no allegiance to it or its message. Now, we are barely tolerated by so many. Not all that long ago, Christians here were granted the courtesy of being heard, even if not agreed with. Now, we are shouted down by so many.

Father, our world is changing, and it is changing rapidly. But our calling as Your Church has not changed. We are still called to make the nations into disciples. Father, we need to come to grips with all these changes so that we can be faithful to what You have called us to do. But how do we do that?

So, Father, we come to You. We come to ask that You would help us in this. We ask for this so that we will be able to pursue our calling. We know that we've always needed Your help. It's just that with all the changes going on around us our need has become even more obvious to us. Father, help.

We need to understand our culture. We need to understand the people around us who are without Christ, especially the younger generations. Help us to understand how to connect with them. The old ways will not work. Teach us new ways. Help us, Father to change our methods without changing our message.

There is much for us to learn and to unlearn. And that's hard. It's so much easier just to do what we're used to doing. But that's not good. Give us what we need not just to make these changes but to want to. Open our eyes to see a people who are trying to live without Jesus, a people who are also dying without Jesus.

Father, we know that even in the midst of what to us is surprising change, everything is going according to plan. You still rule. And so, help us to pursue these things optimistically. We know that the day will come when the nations will stream to Your house, Your Church. Jesus will win. The nations will become disciples. We, likely, will not see those days during our time here, but we know that those days will arrive. Give us what we need to do our part so that in due time all the nations will know and love who You are and what You have done through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Matthew 10:16

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