Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Prayer

We thank You Father that You keep us safe. Whatever the situation, whatever the threat, whatever it might be there You are keeping Your promise to keep us safe. This is so good, so comforting. And we are so very grateful.

We are grateful, Father, because we know that there are many things that are against us, many things that can do us great harm. There are some of us who have to deal with people who really don't like us and want to make our lives as difficult as possible.

But it gets worse when we consider the threats that come from things that we can't see and yet are very real. We have an adversary who is committed to doing all that he can to destroy us. And he, along with those who are with him, is very busy. He would do to us what he did to Job and worse. If he had his way our lives would be simply awful. And it's just a fact that there is nothing that we can do to stop him. His strength is greater than ours. He is so sneaky that most of the time we are completely unaware of what he's up to.

But we are not destroyed. We are not undone. He doesn't get his way in our lives. And the only reason why this is the case is You. You keep us safe. And You assure us that You will get us through all of Satan's schemes. You will bring us home. And as we come to understand better the evil of our ancient foe, we find ourselves even more grateful to You.

We do know, Father, that Your promise of safety doesn't mean that we will be untouched by evil in its many forms. You kept Job safe, but clearly he was more than just touched by evil. But You limited the evil and You used it for Job's good - and the good of so many who have heard his story. Likewise, You limit the evil that we experience and You use it for good, the good of others as well as ourselves. We would just ask that You would remind us of these things when we experience that evil. Remind us that even in that situation, You are keeping us safe.

We want to pray for those around us who are not sheltered under Your wings, those whom You do not keep safe. They are exposed to all sorts of evil. They feel it and are afraid. And they have good reason to be afraid. But Father if they would just come to Jesus. If they would bow before Him as Savior and Lord, they would be kept safe, and they would have nothing to fear. So, we pray for these, especially the ones whom we know. We ask that through us and through others they would hear about the Savior who keeps His own safe. We ask that they would hear and believe, and join us as those who have nothing to fear because You keep us safe. And we pray this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Proverbs 18.10

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