Monday, September 26, 2016

A Prayer

Father, they tell us that You are omnipresent. That sounds so abstract. How much better to tell ourselves that there is no place where we can go that You are not also there. Being convinced of that is so encouraging because that means that wherever we are You are there, with us, to do us good.

Father, there are far too many who think of You as a killjoy. They admit that You are everywhere, but they think that You are everywhere so You can pounce once they blow it. They think that You are everywhere so that You can condemn them and make them feel awful. But they don't know You, not the real You. You are our Father. You care for us more than what anyone can imagine. You are our Father, our very good Father. And that's always true wherever we are.

All You ask for in return is that we work at following Jesus. And even if we're not doing a very good job of that, which is true most of the time, as long as we're working at it You're happy with us. And You're right there helping us to do it better. You teach us new skills, remind us of what we've already learned, and gently point out where we've gotten it wrong so that we can get it right the next time.

The key for us is always the same: the obedience of faith and repentance of sin - listening to what You tell us and coming clean when we get it wrong. As we do these things we are blameless in Your sight, and You are ready and eager to support us.

So, thank You, Father. We thank You that You are this kind of God and not the kind that so many think You are. You want us to make it. And You are right there, wherever we are, to help us do exactly that. Thank You.

But if we're honest, we need to also ask for Your forgiveness. Forgive us for the times when we doubt You. Forgive us for the times when we think that we are on our own. Forgive us for the times when we think that You don't care, not really. How could we ever think those things and live that way? But sad to say, there are times when we do. And we are really sorry that we do.

Help us to grab hold of the thought that You are always right there with us, right there for our good. Help us to hold on to that especially when we hear the whispers telling us that it isn't true.

We ask for these things because we know that it is as we believe You and Your amazing promises that we will be able to make You look good. And that really is our hearts' desire.
2 Chronicles 16.9

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