Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Prayer


We thank You for the blessings of prayer. You invite us to discuss life with You, and You tell us that You will always listen and always respond. Some of us have heard that promise from others, but too often it’s a promise that isn’t always kept. But that’s not true of You. You always keep Your promises. You always listen, and You always respond. And for that we are so grateful.

Unlike the rest of us, You aren’t limited in what You can do as we tell You what’s going on with us. You are God, and there is nothing that limits You. Once You decide to act nothing can stop You. You never have to say, ‘I tried but failed’. You are God. And that encourages us so when it comes to praying to You. We are not wasting our time. You will act. Things will happen. Thank You for that.

You always know the right thing to do. It’s not just that You have all the important information. You also have all the wisdom necessary to choose the best course. You always choose the best course when You respond to our prayers. Always.

And then, there is Your love. Your love isn’t some sentimental mush that says nice words but does nothing. It’s a strong love that is able to make a difference and does. Our prayers move You to love us with Your powerful love.

So, we thank You, Father, that You are the kind of God who hears our prayers. You hear and act. You have made it clear that our praying really matters. We are so grateful for this. We ask that You would remind us of these things. For sure, the evil one whispers his lies, tempting us to neglect prayer thinking that it does no good anyway. Defend us Father when he plies us with his schemes. Help us to believe You so that we will pray.

Make us into people who believe in prayer, people who believe in You, people who pray. We ask this so that our prayers would be used by You to advance Your kingdom and spread Your Gospel. Through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Psalm 65.1,2

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