Monday, August 22, 2016

A Prayer

Father, sometimes living as becomes the followers of Christ seems so daunting. There are all those commands which we so frequently fail to obey. And there is all that we are to be that we aren't even aware of yet. There are times, Father, when it all feels so overwhelming. There are times when we wonder whether this following Jesus is actually working.

Those are the times when we need You to remind us what our hope really is. Our hope isn't in our ability to perform, to get it all right so that we will be found acceptable by You. If that's what is required we would all be utterly lost, fated for misery, now and forever. But we are so grateful to know that that's not how it works. Our hope is in You.

You are our gracious God. You understand our weakness, how we are but dust. You know all about our sin and how easily we give in to temptation, all too often not even recognizing it as temptation.

You don't deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. You don't get irritated with us, ready to give up on us.

Rather, You are ready and even eager to forgive our sin and to forget about all the foolishness that we give ourselves to. You are so good to us, our compassionate God. When we stop and consider how good You are it takes our breath away.

Father, we have much to learn about the Gospel, about being faithful followers of Jesus. Much to learn. So, we ask You, please teach us. Teach us by Your Spirit to take Your commands seriously. They are not suggestions but commands. But don't let us stress over them. Remind us that You are a patient teacher, a very patient teacher who knows that we will get it wrong more often than we will get it right. Help us, Father, to pursue godly living without all the anxiety – or worse, the hopelessness. Help us to rejoice in the grace of the Gospel which is ours because of Jesus.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.
Psalm 103.8-14

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