Monday, July 4, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Knowing the God Who Does Stuff

There are many items that will properly make the list of things you really need to know. I think that at the top of that list is to know God, to understand Him, at least to some extent.

Now, it's no big revelation to say that most people these days don't know God. They don't even believe He exists. But it's another thing to say that far too many Christians don't really understand God. In an attempt to change that (a little) I'm going to mention one thing that we all need to know about God: He does stuff.

In the thinking of too many Christians God doesn't really do much. He's up there, somewhere, dealing with large issues, talking to angels or whatever. But He really doesn't do anything that really touches us, day to day. Oh, there are exceptions, and they surprise us. But not too many exceptions.

Here are two things that God does: He blesses. He curses.

When God curses, bad things happen. Some of the bits and pieces of life go wrong. Sometimes God strikes people with some disease. Sometimes people go mad. Sometimes there's a famine and people die. And sometimes people die by drowning. When God curses, He sends evil that makes a mess of a person's life.

But it's good to know that God also blesses. He makes people prosper. They enjoy a deep sense of peace. They gain rest from their burdens. When God blesses He sends good that makes life work better.

God acts. He curses those who ignore His warnings. He blesses those who take His words to heart. And remember, I'm only talking about Christians.

Knowing God affects how you live now. Understanding that He will curse or bless you makes you take both His warnings and His promises very seriously.

Jeremiah 9.23-24; Deuteronomy 28; Numbers 12; 1 Samuel 16; Psalm 105.16; Genesis 6; Psalm 1.3; Philippians 4.7; Matthew 11.28

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