Monday, July 4, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Holidays

Having special days, holidays, is really good. The celebration of these days is a part of the glue that helps to keep a people, a culture, together. It is part of what makes them one.

However, simply celebrating these special days in some way or other will not have that desired result of unity. They will bring about that needed result only if the people doing the celebrating understand what the special days are about and they celebrated them as such.

So, how many Americans understand what July 4 is about and celebrate what it stands for? Or Memorial Day? Or even Labor Day? Why are these days special? What are we celebrating? And how should we celebrate them?

My guess is that for far too many, these "holidays" are simply another day to take off from work so you can have a picnic and maybe even see a parade. But that will not keep a culture glued together.

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