Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quick Thoughts: Happiness

I think that it's worth noting that we are all trying to be happy. What we really want - maybe more than anything else - is to feel the emotional satisfaction that being happy produces. And that's fine since we were created to be happy.

What many are finding, however, is that those times of happiness are really quite limited. For one thing, they are limited in duration. Happy times always come to an end and are replaced with something that is less than happiness. These times of happiness are also limited in quality. There is always something that isn't quite right, something that detracts from the full sense of happiness, the full experience of satisfaction. Dealing with these limitations is frustrating.

What some are finding is that the deep and lasting happiness that our souls so desire will not be found here. Tastes of it, yes. A lifetime of it, no.

And so much depends on what you do with that.

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