Friday, December 12, 2014

God's Love: Now What?

Well, over the past few weeks I've shared some thoughts about God's love for you, His saints. Now what? What might you do with all of those words? Or better, what might you do with the truth that God loves you and that He does that in the way that I have described? Well, here's one suggestion. You could live as if God loves you. And that really does make sense because He does love you. 

And what might such living look like? For one thing, it would mean no insecurity or anxiety about life. Or to say that more honestly and clearly, no fear. After all, what is there to fear if the almighty God who controls even where each snowflake lands has decided to set His love on you? Being afraid makes no sense. 

Now, that's saying things in the negative. Let's turn it around and say it positively. Living as if God loves you will show as boldness, confidence, even brashness. It will show as risk-taking. And why not? What could go wrong if God's love is as sure as He says it is? 

And then, let me mention one more way such living will show itself: submission. There are parts of God's love that make life more difficult and not easier. Some things can only be learned the hard way. Living as if God loves you will show in accepting all sorts of evil from His hand because the source is His love and the goal is a greater good for you and those around you, even though the part between the source and the goal is rough.

Imagine a group of people who lived as if God actually loved them. They could change the world.