Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A God-Bathed Universe

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Frank Sheed (1897-1981), publisher, author, and street preacher:

The test of anyone’s mind is what is in his mental landscape. And it is not even enough that we should see the same things as other people plus the things the Church teaches. Even the things that we and they both see will not look the same or be the same. . . .

It is like a physical landscape at sunrise: it is not that you see the same things that you saw before and now find yourself seeing the sun as well. You see everything sun-bathed. Similarly it is not a case of seeing the same universe as other people and then seeing God over and above. For God is at the center of the being of everything whatsoever. If we would see the Universe aright, we must see it God-bathed.

Frank J. Sheed, 
Theology and Sanity

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