Thursday, July 29, 2010


What I want more than anything else is to be happy. I want a happiness that is deeply satisfying and enduring. In this I am like everyone else. What we all want is this kind of happiness. We go about trying to find it in different ways, but we all want the same thing. Sadly, not all will find what they are looking for. But I will. I will be happy one day. And this happiness will be even more deeply satisfying and enduring than I can imagine. But I will never find that happiness while I live on this earth. I will be (and have been) happy here. But that happiness is never as deeply satisfying as I yearn for. And it always comes to an end. 

Happiness - the real deal - cannot be found here because 'here' is broken. 'Here' is still under God's curse. Enjoying what happiness I can while I am here is fine, as long as I understand that it isn't that perfect happiness that I was built for and that I crave. So many get all twisted up because they expect to enjoy here what they can never enjoy here. But I am protected from that. Having wise expectations, built on the truths of Scripture, helps to keep me safe.

I am on the right course to find this happiness. I am following Jesus. He has promised me happiness, deeply satisfying and enduring happiness. And what happiness I now enjoy is also from Him, a taste of the reality that awaits me. And so, I am content - not satisfied, but content - with my situation. There are parts that I really don't like. But even these parts are preparing me for later when I will be overwhelmed with happiness. 

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