Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There is much that the Scriptures teach that is mystery. I use that word not because we know what it means – we don’t – but because it adds a certain tone to things, a tone that we need, a tone that stands against the scientism of the day even within the Church. ‘We know in part…’

This word mystery needs to be explored and its outline felt even if it cannot be defined. For one thing, it has something to do with the supernatural. There are things that we can see, touch, measure, explain and predict. Then, there is the supernatural. God is a mystery to us. We cannot see, touch, measure, explain or predict Him. That is a little scary for people who like to be in control. But it is a good reminder of what it means that He is God and we are not. It also gives us a context for our lives. We do not control who we are or what we do. We live in the context of mystery.

Once we accept this fact of our reality we can relax. We don’t need to try to be in control. The mysterious God is in control. He defines us and what happens to us. This would be a terrifying thought if it were not the case that this God is our God by covenant. He has come to us in Jesus and has defined the relationship that we have with Him as a gracious one. So, even though we have no control over our lives, we know that all is good. Grace. So, instead of trying to control life, what we need to do is simply respond to God’s lead. So, we do make plans, but we hold these plans loosely, ready to change them if our mysterious God surprises us. And He will.

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