Monday, June 21, 2010

John's Gospel - 1

I have found the Gospel of John to be difficult to understand. I know that it is a popular choice to offer new Christians and even unbelievers who may be interested in Jesus. But there are so many places where what John is talking about is so deep that I'm not sure what he's getting at. So, I decided recently to spend time studying it. My plan is to post my thoughts a couple of times a week as I work my way through this Gospel. Don't expect devotional thoughts on John. What I will write will be raw content,  which I hope to see developed into something useful later.

*   *   *

John 1.1-5

John begins in the beginning - and 'before' the beginning since the Logos was already when it became the beginning. The use of the word 'Logos' [Word] and the manner of expression of this opening - and what follows - assume the place of logic and truth. Some things are true (accurate, right) and we need to know these things and the implications that flow from them. 

Right at the start John is talking about 'life'. He does not define it, but he does tell us about it. This life is in the Logos. It's 'the light of men'. John does not explain that phrase. He simply goes on to introduce the conflict between light and darkness and how the light still shines - conflict notwithstanding - because the darkness has not succeeded in stopping it.

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