Friday, May 14, 2010


This morning, as part of my daily blog reading, I came across a post about C.S. Lewis, The Narnia Code. I would encourage you to read it and to watch the embedded videos. The point is that the seven Narnia novels are tied together by something I would never have guessed. What I came away with was the thought of subtlety. There is something going on in these books that is behind the scenes, not at all obvious, but something that is a controlling factor (the controlling factor?) in each story. Subtlety.

Our world is not attuned to the subtle. Consider the movies that are made these days. From explicit sex scenes to things blowing up in 3D, we are anything but subtle. It seems, however, that it is the appreciation of what is not so obvious – the subtle – that heightens the experience of the beauty of the thing considered.

And that leads to the Bible. In the Reformed world that I am familiar with we approach the Bible in the same way that we approach freshman chemistry lab. There are facts that are to be identified, categorized and recorded. Once you do that you’re ready for the exam. It’s all science and no beauty. There is no subtlety here. I am coming to see that there really are some subtle things going on in the Bible and in the creation (and beyond) that it describes. These are the things that heighten the experience of beauty, in the Word and in the world. I think that I’m a little tired of the ‘scientific’ approach to Scripture. I think that I’m ready for some of the subtlety. I think I’m ready to see the beauty.

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