Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Demonstrating the Father’s Love

This is from Of First Importance.

“We are to seek to demonstrate in our lives the perfect love that has existed between the Father and the Son through all eternity. It is the reality of love in our lives which will be one of the most powerful means of people in the world seeing the beauty of the message of Christ. By our love people will know that the Father sent the Son into the world. By our love for one another, people will know that we are loved by God.”

Jerram Barrs
Learning Evangelism from Jesus

The love that we are to show is to be a love that the world cannot imitate. If it is not this, then it is powerless. And it is powerless because it is not from the Spirit but from the flesh. To love in this way will cost. It cost Jesus. And that is what the world will not just be unable to imitate but also unwilling to imitate. Sadly, this is also what much of the Church is unwilling to imitate. The idols of security and pleasure are winning.

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