Monday, April 26, 2010

Inexplicable Love

"Love in the church should be at least partly inexplicable to the world. The elderly ladies at Capitol Hill Baptist who, in 1995, invited the guy with the stupid hair and safety pins in his face [The author is describing himself.] to their homes for lunch after church – they were displaying the riches of God’s wisdom to the watching world. When a church looks diverse on the outside, it’s often because the gospel is central. That’s why you want to see churches filled with political liberals and conservatives, people wearing jeans and three-piece suits, men and women with white and brown and black skin, Christians old and young, friends tattooed and tattoo-deficient, and so on. Churches that aim at just one demographic ultimately work against that show of God’s wisdom."

Mike McKinley
Church Planting Is for Wimps:
How God Uses Messed-up People
to Plant Ordinary Churches
That Do Extraordinary Things.

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