Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Beauty of God

I have been doing some reading in Jonathan Edwards. As a result, there are some new – and strange – thoughts running around in my head. I’ve been praying that the Spirit would direct me as I work to sort these things out. What follows is one of these new thoughts: understanding life from the vantage point of the beauty of God.

God is beautiful. We usually use that word in terms of the attractiveness of a person’s body, which, incidentally, will lead to problems of shallowness. True beauty is about the attractiveness of the person. God’s beauty is obviously not about His body. It’s about how He is attractive in His person. It’s about His character, His thoughts, His nature (i.e., God as Trinity, eternal, infinite, completely self-dependant, wise, good, just, loving, etc.). It also includes the things that He does because of who He is. God is beautiful in these things.

God made us to enjoy His beauty. This is the purpose of our creation. He also made us in such a way to enjoy His beauty. Thus, enjoying God in this way is possible for us. As a result, life for us is about responding to the beauty of God. We exist to enjoy God. We do that as we are in awe of Him, praise and worship Him, imitate Him. In so doing, and only in so doing, we flourish.

We thrive by enjoying God’s beauty.

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